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Namaskar Homes


We strive to provide low cost, high-quality, hassle-free service to customers looking to build their homes. A house is a dream for every family, and we help you build your dream home without the hassle of dealing with multiple different, tiresome parties like the antiquated residential construction industry. Our approach strives to make the process of building your new house as easy as possible so that you can enjoy time with your loved ones in the house you always dreamed of.


Namaskar homes was started by generational contractors with over 30 years of experience doing government and high-rise construction projects. This experience combined with a team of IIT trained civil engineers and internationally educated business professionals help us deliver on our mission of helping you build your perfect home.


Our fast-paced precision way of working is what makes us better than other residential builders in Delhi NCR. With years of experience under our belt we know how to get things done and deliver the best quality of work that most builders lack. We proved daily reports of site workings, as well as goals we have achieved and aim to achieve to ensure that our clients always stay up to date with what’s happening. Our transparency combined with our unique fast paced way of working gives clients the best product for an affordable price.

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